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Historians are Prone to Back Pain: Find the Right Mattress

ap69.netA historian is a person that studies or writes about the past and is considered as an expert on it. They are also very concerned with the constant, systematic story and research of events relating to the human race that happened in the past. There are also people who like to study events that precede written history; these people are called historian of prehistory. The word historian can also be used to describe amateur historians but it is reserved mostly for people who acquired degrees in this field.

However, some are recognized because of training experience. Historian became a profession in the late 19th century. Because of this, most historians spend a lot of time reading and staying up for research and study. Long hours of staying up and reading can cause back pain which is what most historians suffer from. Most doctors prescribe a good mattress to alleviate pain on the pressure points that causes back pain. Buying good quality mattresses may be a hard task but here are some tips to help you with your choice.

Personal preference is important

There is no mattress style type that works for everyone with back pain. Any mattress that helps you sleep without stiffness or pain is the best kind of mattress for you. Patients with back pain should always choose a mattress that makes them feel comfortable and can address all of their needs to get a good night’s sleep.

Know about the components of a mattress

The inner springs of a mattress is the support system that provides comfort for patients. Mattresses differ in the number of coils and their arrangements. The padding on top of a good mattress comes in many levels of thickness. The depth of a mattress usually ranges between seven to twenty inches deep. You should have your own preference when you choose the number of coils, mattress depth and type of padding.

Get a mattress with good back support

A quality mattress provides support for a person’s natural curves and spine alignment. A mattress that provides good back support can also help a person avoid soreness of the muscle in the morning. Studies show that a medium firm mattress can provide more back pain relief than firm ones.

Comfort and back support must go hand in hand

Overall comfort is just as important as good back support when it comes to mattresses. Choosing a mattress that’s too firm can give you aches on pressure points. Medium-firm mattresses can be more comfortable because it lets the shoulders and hips sink in slightly. Patients that want to have a firmer mattress for back support can add a thicker padding for great comfort.

Know when you need to replace your mattress

An old mattress sags in the middle and you can feel that it is no longer comfortable. This is the best time to purchase a new mattress. Some people put boards underneath their mattress to keep them from sagging but this is only a temporary fix.

Juicing has been Part of History Longer than We Realize

ap69 juicing

Eating and drinking healthy can raise a person’s stamina and give them a good amount of energy. This is what juicing is all about and more people are realizing the benefits that juicing can give them. Extracting the vitamins and nutrients of ingredients like fruits and vegetables is better than drinking coffee or buying smoothies that already contains a lot of sugar. Those who have already tried juicing have testified that it helped them gain more energy as well as aid them in different types of diseases.

The vitamins and nutrients that we get from juicing can help alleviate stress and lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar and many more. Although juicing has been part of a craze lately, many don’t know that it has been part of our history for a long time now.

Here are some of the facts that tells us how juicing has been around longer than we think.

The first documented evidence of juicing for health benefits can be traced back to the dead sea scrolls. These documents were written from 150 BC to 70 AD. The scriptures describe that people from those days were mashing pomegranate and fig that results in profound strength as well as subtle form.

Juicing started with the use of mortar and pestle or a grinder and linen. Many cultures use ground up plants and herbs which they apply both internally and externally for health issues. This process is now being used and applied all over the world. In Kore, juicing greens are part of healing rituals.

In the early 1900’s, a German scientist named Max Gerson developed a therapy that combines raw juices and vegetarian diet for one’s well being. His hard work is still being carried out by the Gerson Institute today.

Dr. Norman Walker published a book entitled “Raw Vegetable Juices” in 1936. In a span of 70 years, Dr. Walker studied many living foods and developed a philosophy of the best way to a person’s nutritional health is to have a diet of mostly raw food as well as juices which he coined as living food. His book produced the Norwalk juicer that is still available today.

The world’s first masticating juicer was invented in 1954 and was called the Champion Juicer.

A Health Ranch was opened in Escondido, California owned by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Guests were to be taught about exercise, correct nutrition, sunshine, adequate rest and positive attitudes to relieve symptoms of different types of chronic diseases. This institution is now known as the Bernard Jensen Internation which claims that nutrition is the only most important therapy that can be used in healing a person’s body.

Jack Lalanne who is also known as “godfather of fitness” began talking about the benefits of juicing for people’s health in 1970. He believed that fresh non-processed food and juices from raw vegetables and fruits could help maintain a strong and healthy body. He then began releasing a line of different types juicers which sold pretty well.

Exploring Europe: What Shoes to Wear

ap69 bestwalkingfeetTravelling to Europe is a very fun and can be a real learning experience. There are many countries in Europe that hold a lot of history as well as captivating landscapes. As a tourist, you’d want to see as many places as possible to really appreciate the beauty of the place. Because there are so many places to visit, you will spend a lot of time walking through many types of terrains. This requires you to have very sturdy and reliable shoes that you can use to explore every city in each country that you go to.

Good quality shoes come with a price but you are sure to have peace of mind that they will last your whole trip—or even longer. The best shoe for travelling is one that is both comfortable and lightweight so you can spend the whole day walking without putting too much pressure on your feet. Since you may encounter different kinds of terrain, you may have to consider buying hiking shoes because they work well outdoors. There are different types of hiking shoes so you need to make sure to buy the one that fits your needs. Here are the different types of hiking shoes and their definition to give you an idea when you go out shopping for your next travel shoes.


These are designed to give the wearer a mix of moderate cushioning, lightweight support and stable traction. Trail shoes are best for short hikes on a mild terrain that only gains a little elevation. This kind of shoes also provides very good support so they are also a great choice for everyday and casual wear.


These shoes work best for short and medium hikes on an easy to moderate terrain. Compared to trail shoes, they offer more support without the added weight. If you are looking at well maintained trails, this is the shoes for you. They are great for mild up to moderate elevation levels but they are not suitable for technical ascends or rugged terrains.


These are best for extended hikes and walking through rough terrains. They provided increased support as well as cushioning. Midweight hiking boots give you better support when you are carrying a heavy back pack along the way. Mid hiking boots are also good for more elevation gain and rugged terrains. However, they are not good for technical ascents and ice climbing.


These shoes are the real deal because they offer maximum support as well as foot protection. Mountaineering boots are known to be very durable and has the best ankle protection for the wearer. They have thick and stiff soles that can take on any type of mountain topography as well as great elevation gains. Most boots that fall in this category are waterproof and have some sort of insulation to protect the feet from the cold, wet and windy weather conditions. Some mountaineering boots can be compatible with crampons that make them best for traversing ice and snow. Also, you’ll have to make sure to consider the arch of your foot. Some high arch shoes are available for better comfort.

Europeans and Psychics: Centuries of Psychic Readings

ap69Psychics are people who claim to have extrasensory perception to be able to decode information that are normally hidden from other senses. The word psychic is used to define these abilities. Psychics can be seen as stage performers or magicians who use different techniques with the use of these abilities.

Some novels also describe people who can be called psychics because they have these types of ability. Many Europeans are still visiting psychics for fortune telling and to help them with some troubles that they might be experiencing in life. This practice has been going on for decades or even centuries for most European cultures because they are believers of these abilities. In fact, gypsies are very much part of Europe’s history.

During the old days, you have to visit the psychic in their house or place of work. Today, you can now seek for their advice online through the internet but don’t be fooled by some who are only after your money.

Check the rating system that shows how customers have rated a specific psychic and you will find this in any psychic’s profile page. There is also a system that shows how many people they’ve helped.

However, there are times when some psychics are always online because they don’t have any other jobs. There are also times when some people just need to have a conversation to feel better about what they are going through. Keep in mind that the best indicator if a psychic is good is its customer’s feedback. Make it a habit to read these feedbacks and check if they were satisfied with the psychic’s services. This is a sure way to find out if customers think that this psychic is legit because only those who had a private reading can leave comments.

You can also check the psychic’s profile and see if he has been practicing his skills for a long time. Psychics who have been doing private readings for a long time are more likely to give you better advice. You can also check the psychic’s background and if he studied in respected institutions to make the private reading worth your time and money. There are schools that hone the abilities that psychics already have to give them better knowledge on how they can use them to help people.

Try to talk to the psychic of your choice before deciding to get a private reading. Most websites let you talk to the psychic of your choice for free. The only time that you are going to be charged is when you decide to get a private reading from them.

This is a good way to assess if you think this psychic can live up to your expectations and if you can get the best value for your money. The length of the free chat depends on the website that you choose. Some also offer phone conversations but not all of these are free so make sure you read the terms and agreements first. Some specify readings for love, career and others.

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