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Exploring Europe: What Shoes to Wear

ap69 bestwalkingfeetTravelling to Europe is a very fun and can be a real learning experience. There are many countries in Europe that hold a lot of history as well as captivating landscapes. As a tourist, you’d want to see as many places as possible to really appreciate the beauty of the place. Because there are so many places to visit, you will spend a lot of time walking through many types of terrains. This requires you to have very sturdy and reliable shoes that you can use to explore every city in each country that you go to.

Good quality shoes come with a price but you are sure to have peace of mind that they will last your whole trip—or even longer. The best shoe for travelling is one that is both comfortable and lightweight so you can spend the whole day walking without putting too much pressure on your feet. Since you may encounter different kinds of terrain, you may have to consider buying hiking shoes because they work well outdoors. There are different types of hiking shoes so you need to make sure to buy the one that fits your needs. Here are the different types of hiking shoes and their definition to give you an idea when you go out shopping for your next travel shoes.


These are designed to give the wearer a mix of moderate cushioning, lightweight support and stable traction. Trail shoes are best for short hikes on a mild terrain that only gains a little elevation. This kind of shoes also provides very good support so they are also a great choice for everyday and casual wear.


These shoes work best for short and medium hikes on an easy to moderate terrain. Compared to trail shoes, they offer more support without the added weight. If you are looking at well maintained trails, this is the shoes for you. They are great for mild up to moderate elevation levels but they are not suitable for technical ascends or rugged terrains.


These are best for extended hikes and walking through rough terrains. They provided increased support as well as cushioning. Midweight hiking boots give you better support when you are carrying a heavy back pack along the way. Mid hiking boots are also good for more elevation gain and rugged terrains. However, they are not good for technical ascents and ice climbing.


These shoes are the real deal because they offer maximum support as well as foot protection. Mountaineering boots are known to be very durable and has the best ankle protection for the wearer. They have thick and stiff soles that can take on any type of mountain topography as well as great elevation gains. Most boots that fall in this category are waterproof and have some sort of insulation to protect the feet from the cold, wet and windy weather conditions. Some mountaineering boots can be compatible with crampons that make them best for traversing ice and snow. Also, you’ll have to make sure to consider the arch of your foot. Some high arch shoes are available for better comfort.

Updated: December 14, 2017 — 6:34 am
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