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Historians are Prone to Back Pain: Find the Right Mattress

ap69.netA historian is a person that studies or writes about the past and is considered as an expert on it. They are also very concerned with the constant, systematic story and research of events relating to the human race that happened in the past. There are also people who like to study events that precede written history; these people are called historian of prehistory. The word historian can also be used to describe amateur historians but it is reserved mostly for people who acquired degrees in this field.

However, some are recognized because of training experience. Historian became a profession in the late 19th century. Because of this, most historians spend a lot of time reading and staying up for research and study. Long hours of staying up and reading can cause back pain which is what most historians suffer from. Most doctors prescribe a good mattress to alleviate pain on the pressure points that causes back pain. Buying good quality mattresses may be a hard task but here are some tips to help you with your choice.

Personal preference is important

There is no mattress style type that works for everyone with back pain. Any mattress that helps you sleep without stiffness or pain is the best kind of mattress for you. Patients with back pain should always choose a mattress that makes them feel comfortable and can address all of their needs to get a good night’s sleep.

Know about the components of a mattress

The inner springs of a mattress is the support system that provides comfort for patients. Mattresses differ in the number of coils and their arrangements. The padding on top of a good mattress comes in many levels of thickness. The depth of a mattress usually ranges between seven to twenty inches deep. You should have your own preference when you choose the number of coils, mattress depth and type of padding.

Get a mattress with good back support

A quality mattress provides support for a person’s natural curves and spine alignment. A mattress that provides good back support can also help a person avoid soreness of the muscle in the morning. Studies show that a medium firm mattress can provide more back pain relief than firm ones.

Comfort and back support must go hand in hand

Overall comfort is just as important as good back support when it comes to mattresses. Choosing a mattress that’s too firm can give you aches on pressure points. Medium-firm mattresses can be more comfortable because it lets the shoulders and hips sink in slightly. Patients that want to have a firmer mattress for back support can add a thicker padding for great comfort.

Know when you need to replace your mattress

An old mattress sags in the middle and you can feel that it is no longer comfortable. This is the best time to purchase a new mattress. Some people put boards underneath their mattress to keep them from sagging but this is only a temporary fix.

Updated: March 31, 2016 — 9:07 pm
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