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Juicing has been Part of History Longer than We Realize

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Eating and drinking healthy can raise a person’s stamina and give them a good amount of energy. This is what juicing is all about and more people are realizing the benefits that juicing can give them. Extracting the vitamins and nutrients of ingredients like fruits and vegetables is better than drinking coffee or buying smoothies that already contains a lot of sugar. Those who have already tried juicing have testified that it helped them gain more energy as well as aid them in different types of diseases.

The vitamins and nutrients that we get from juicing can help alleviate stress and lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar and many more. Although juicing has been part of a craze lately, many don’t know that it has been part of our history for a long time now.

Here are some of the facts that tells us how juicing has been around longer than we think.

The first documented evidence of juicing for health benefits can be traced back to the dead sea scrolls. These documents were written from 150 BC to 70 AD. The scriptures describe that people from those days were mashing pomegranate and fig that results in profound strength as well as subtle form.

Juicing started with the use of mortar and pestle or a grinder and linen. Many cultures use ground up plants and herbs which they apply both internally and externally for health issues. This process is now being used and applied all over the world. In Kore, juicing greens are part of healing rituals.

In the early 1900’s, a German scientist named Max Gerson developed a therapy that combines raw juices and vegetarian diet for one’s well being. His hard work is still being carried out by the Gerson Institute today.

Dr. Norman Walker published a book entitled “Raw Vegetable Juices” in 1936. In a span of 70 years, Dr. Walker studied many living foods and developed a philosophy of the best way to a person’s nutritional health is to have a diet of mostly raw food as well as juices which he coined as living food. His book produced the Norwalk juicer that is still available today.

The world’s first masticating juicer was invented in 1954 and was called the Champion Juicer.

A Health Ranch was opened in Escondido, California owned by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Guests were to be taught about exercise, correct nutrition, sunshine, adequate rest and positive attitudes to relieve symptoms of different types of chronic diseases. This institution is now known as the Bernard Jensen Internation which claims that nutrition is the only most important therapy that can be used in healing a person’s body.

Jack Lalanne who is also known as “godfather of fitness” began talking about the benefits of juicing for people’s health in 1970. He believed that fresh non-processed food and juices from raw vegetables and fruits could help maintain a strong and healthy body. He then began releasing a line of different types juicers which sold pretty well.

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